Website Analytics Storytelling with AI

Your website most likely already has Google Analytics or some other web visitor tracking software (Open Web Analytics, Mixpanel, Crazy Egg, Heap, Adobe Analytics) installed, yet those companies are not telling you the whole story regarding your website visitors. They omit key data points, including visitor IP addresses, from the narrative. A visitor IP address is vital to constructive website analytics interpretation, for, aside from a username/userid system, the IP address is the only viable method of creating a unique visitor profile for tracking website activities.

Dr Tim has developed a program which returns the website owner/manager back to the top the internet paradigm. AI Storyteller is an artificial-intelligence infused program which provides you with a clearer picture of how your website is performing across the internet-verse. AI Storyteller's comprehensive and easy-to-understand reports can be custom-tailored to suit your needs. Dr. Tim is also available for private tutoring sessions if you need further help. AI Storyteller maximizes marketing dollars by analyzing all of your website traffic against industry traffic trends, search engine keywords, movers/shakers and then presents you with an efficient and effective marketing strategy.

Dr. Tim Bradbury also formulates agressive and effective marketing solutions for businesses through other internet channels including existing SEO and social network frameworks, organic social, email campaigns, organic search, paid search, paid video, paid shopping, and marketplace feed generation and analysis (Google, Bing and Yahoo).

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